Every NFT comes with Utility - Rarity and beyond


Each UNICORNIA CARD is and NFT, unique on blockchain, live, a part of limited 10 000 Pieces of Artwork but also Utility of The ISLAND

Each NFT Comes with an Original & Exclusive and Unique LEONS Girl

Each NFT has a Playing Card Role and Rarity to give more privileges and bring more rewards.

Each NFT comes with a LEON´s COIN VALUE up to 900 LEONS (1 LEONS is usable from 1 USD on many sites)

50% of all NFTs from the Collection has 1 of 6 different signs and each sign give access to that related collection / content and or site for 2 full years.

Mint your LEON LAMBERT NFT now:

Connect with your wallet & Mint your NFT from only 0.02 ETH!!

Ethereum Mainnet
Max Per Mint : 10
Max Per Wallet 50
Max Supply: 10 000

Get FULL ACCESS with your NFT with the logo of that site on it

Here are some of them you can have full access:

Click them to see them in new windows (18+)

Minted an NFT with the site logos on it? get your content & site access information immediately:


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